Newest Titles

A Ring of Truth

4 Male, 5 Female, and Extras 2M, 3F, 2M/F

This is a sequel to our popular script “The Ring of Truth.”  The Wise Woman of the Wood has offended the Duchess of York and is brought to the castle. Though she lost the Ring of Truth in a poker game, she does have the Ring of Lies, which forces the wearer to tell only lies.  Though honesty is the best policy, this script shows that fabrication is the best complication. Fun interaction with the audience and some fun female roles.

The Re-Gift of the Magi

4 Males, 3 Females, Extras M/F

The Jester can’t afford much, but he gets an idea to re-gift old Christmas presents in order to get better ones. He also hopes to win the affections of Gilda the Goose Girl by giving her a gift that is better than one from his rival, Bartleby the Scrivener. It gets complicated when others in the castle find out that the gifts they receive are the ones they gave. The re-gifting epidemic is out of hand, and the Jester has some explaining to do. Fun interaction with the audience and easy to produce.

Shakespeare’s Shorts: Twelfth Night

6 Male and 4 Females, Extras M/F

Two twins, a clown, and a Jedi knight walk in to a Shakespearean play. Yes, it’s another Shakespeare’s Shorts. Duke Orsino loves Lady Olivia who loves Viola (who’s disguised as Cesario) who loves Duke Orsino. Talk about a mixed-up comedy!