Newest Titles

Coming in August 2014!

“Princess Grace of Knockerdown”

A Madrigal Dinner for 3-5 Males, 3 Females, 1 M/F, and Extras (M/F)

Princess Grace has been cursed with great beauty . . . and extreme clumsiness “until she can find something to hold onto.” (Okay, it wasn’t a very specific curse.) The king and queen are trying to get her married off (while they still have a castle), but they can’t seem to find a suitor who’s . . . durable. In desperation, the king offers half his kingdom to the man who can woo his daughter (and still remain on his feet).

“Princess Grace of Knockerdown” (Christmas version)

A Madrigal Dinner for 3-5 Males, 3 Females, 1 M/F, and Extras (M/F)

The same clumsy tale as above, but set in the Christmas season.

“Shakespeare’s Shorts: Much Ado About Nothing”

Cast size: 5 Male and 3 Female

Perform famous Shakespeare plays under 15 minutes! Much Ado About Nothing is a romantic comedy of miscommunications and match-making. But there are two villains who don’t want anyone to fall in love and make a mess of things. Get your culture and English Literature, all under 15 minutes!

 “O This Myst’ry o’ Christmas Tree”

Cast size: 7 Male, 7 Female, Extras

The Lords and Ladies of Harmony Hall are gritting their teeth for another gloomy, guest-less Christmas gathering, hosted by the dour Dukes of Grinchester and Glowermore. But when their estranged Aunt Agatha – whom they never invite – sends mysterious word to expect an uninvited guest – a thief – a host of madcap mishaps ensue.  Who’s the thief?  What’s been stolen?  The game’s afoot!